Just Tryin' To Fit In​.​.​. Ur Mom

by Be Like Max

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2nd LP released by Vegas Ska/Punk act Be Like Max. The album was recorded by SLC DIY studios "Homeless Studios" by Jason Bohman. Mixed by Steve Foote and Mastered by David Irish. With explosive horns and aggressive attitude, the band prides themselves on keeping their beloved Ska/Punk styles alive.


released January 10, 2014


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Be Like Max Las Vegas, Nevada



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Track Name: Local Band
Listen up I got something to say about every show that we play all the stories are the same well we’re not a major band you’ve heard but we still work hard just to spread the word of a main act that you might not know with no money to the night nobody will promote so they hired us with no expense to tell the town what they can’t miss heros will let you share the stage but they’ll never show up to hear you play “we’re just a local band and we’re here to save the show” I’m grateful still but I’m allowed to vent because I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve never made a cent when the scene kids think that we’re all rich but they’ve never been in bands and they don’t know shit tell you what I’m not a business man I’m just a man with a microphone in his hand and I’d like to sing to support my dreams even if they never reach away from home this scene’s at an end so this time I’ll just sing for fans and friends days I’ve wished that the three song demo we burnt before the show would make it in the hands of someone that we’ve loved and trusted since we were kids and we had hope we didn’t understand the music industry goals well fuck that we’re never going to stop we’re not here to impress we’ll play what we want just a small band but with big hearts and just a few fans but they love us for who we are
Track Name: Peace Is Uncool
There’s nothing cool in this life about sticking up for what’s right another violent kid grows up to give his young ones guns and knives I can’t keep my trap shut not yet we’re not giving up we’re on a mission to end the violence even though peace is so uncool
“it’s been tried but you just can’t stop a movement and that’s a fact loves been lost and these generations don’t know how to act young and old” I feel good I feel great every day because I know I will not be brought down by a meaningless pride and fighting it means nothing to me we get it man you’re a badass so go be a badass alone and somewhere else right now I’m singing for love this time I want to see hugs we’re on a mission to end the violence even though peace is so uncool
Track Name: Bring On The Suits
Hey bring on the suits the night has arrived to find who’s in charge here to move forth we need to face our fear they’re always controlling and changing our minds what’s better for your life seems too unkind the suits don’t want to do what we have to do so someones got to lose our will is subject to change but as long as we can play it’s all the same damn thing “hey bring on the suits” they jump out their graves and they’re waiting up for you hey bring on the suits they hunger for success but that’s no good excuse listen up kids when you grow up in size you’re probably going to find something bigger than life something worth your hard work so beautiful it seems until the man comes along to shit on your dreams when the kids all around your town they don’t get you they put you down because everyone’s judging they’re too hard to please if you can please yourself then you might just be free hey bring on the suits they jump out their graves and they’re waiting up for you hey bring on the suits they’ve got a big check but that’s no good excuse this life might get tough and we’d only be so lucky for someone to care what we have to play our actions might be weighed by a fan base who’s been trained to think like the heads of a corporation we will not be controlled no we will not be controlled
Track Name: Wang Out
Right now I got to go to my bed and sit with the candles lit and I’ll shut my door when the roommates home “we know” this time I got to get my fix wether it’s moral or not that just won’t stop my hand and my dick from doing what they do best I’m going to crank with my wang our later a moment no man fails to saver this time I got to get my way with myself wether or not it’s ok with you I’m not here to make new friends I’m here to bate my keyboards going to be stuck I think it’s wasteful only to fuck my time is my time and I’ll clear my head however I like this aint no taboo nothing new helps billions of people come unglued nothing you can try to say will make me want to quit and there’s no one in the world you know who can’t give in to those perfect moments spent alone where no one’s there to interrupt those fantasies you can’t ignore until some shit head opens up the door
Track Name: Walk Away
There’ll be a day when you let me know that I’ve been trying now I’ve got some friends who can teach me right when I’ve been caving in but I just shut them out down in the ground where we all end up is how I’ve been feeling now try to keep my head screwed on tighter I can’t hide it now won’t you let me hide away and I’ll find a better day where I’m ok alone I need to spend some time to search my mind so I can keep it open but when I know I’m right it’s hard to fight against the raw harsh emotion when the nights all look the same and the blames too hard to tame can you drop that fix and find a different way down in the ground where we all end up is how I’ve been feeling now and it’s good to feel I guess it’s real but I’m not snapping out of attachment I let live and I’m selfish not to live but what else can I give see it’s just as hard to feel this heart pumping through the same old where it once was young I feel it’s done sticking through the thresh hold it’s the man I am with selfish hands they never seem to loosen grip to the ones I love they build me up just to make me feel like shit see it’s not too hard to sleep and it’s all ok to eat when I hear that voice and good things have to break down in the ground where we all end up is how I’ve been feeling now try to keep my head screwed on tighter well I can’t hide it now won’t you let me walk away believe in us it’s good for us but that’s more than I can take down in the ground where I find you too so I can’t wait it out it’ll feel so sick this happiness that will not stick around and I’m losing all my faith won’t you let me walk away
Track Name: Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
I remember ten years ago hard to stay out of trouble when there’s no place to go killing time we’re out of line we threw all cation to the wind it was hard enough just to be a kid let alone deal with the problems I was given I didn’t care what the youth had to offer it seemed it was in “call us up to play a show say it’s under twenty one and we say hell no because we’re all ages yeah we’re all ages” I see it all around me everyday kids are bored and surrounded by negativity killing time we’re out of line because they’ve all been kept away influences come from every side and I don’t want to be a part of troubling their lives so if they don’t let you in then we’re not going to play just because you’re not twenty one it’s not suppose to mean you can’t have any fun so come in and raise your fist high stage dive forget about what they say (dance the night away)
Track Name: Skankin Joe
There’s a band a no name band and they play with all their heart and soul a fan his name’s Nick and he goes to every god damn show with his girl he holds on to Angela he loves you but not as much as we love him we love Nick
Track Name: You Grew Up
You grew up when you were eight you gave up on the playground and you thought that was great to set forth the life you’ll never fail to live always in the action to impress the other kids you grew up when you were just sixteen you ran away from home to justify the means and gain enough respect for the comfort of your peers with a bunch of fake friends what have you got to fear well I never grew up I never had to care what other people think do say and what they wear I’m not quit a skin and I’m not quit a punk I’m just another simple man who doesn’t give a fuck you grew up when you got married in the spring she said she wants some kids and some home stability to give up on your plans you couldn’t quit decide you only threw the towel because you’re running out of time it hurts my eyes not to see you settle down but watching you deprived of choosing for yourself when only you know best if this is not the life you want then get it off your chest I never grew up I never had to be another number stuck in line for high conformity and I don’t miss my first love when I never found my last I live my life day by day without a written plan I dare you to give it a shot ignore the rest of the world and think outside the box have a vision to share then share it all you want because pretty soon there’s no more room to judge another man for what he’s got you grew up and now you’re stuck you grew up and now you’re getting fucked by a system in place to keep us all the same so everyones afraid and now they’re digging all their graves you grew up and now you’re stuck you grew up and now you’re fucked you grew up and now you’ve lost touch in everyone and everything you’ve ever loved I’ll never grow up I’ll never see the day sure I’ve had to find the work so I can find the pay but I won’t lose sight in the things I love most and no matter what I go through I’ll find a way to toast
Track Name: Cut Em Off
Fuck you sir don’t waste up my time I need a moment on my own and you’re no friend of mine well we just came to relax and drink then you got this notion that I look like your shrink well you fucked up and threw your life down the drain let me guess you dropped out gettin high sniffing off paint your hopes and your goals went south somehow your wife and your kids are pissed off right now so I think I’ll spend this night making a friend that nobody likes alright man maybe we got off on the wrong foot so let me take the right foot shove it down your throat so you don’t get hooked on talking to me “cut him off this time I’ve waste my money and I’ve waste my mind cut him off for now you gotta get him out you gotta get him out” cut him off for me please I can’t sit next to the worst guy off he keeps telling me stories about his past it’s so boring I don’t think that I can last alright man maybe we got off too harsh hey bartender get this guy out of my face he’ll talk an ear off and ruined this night so far cut him off this time we’re thru I can’t keep a fake face you won’t shut the hell up about your glory days your car aint payed you’re washed away but what did you really want me to say
Track Name: Chin Up
I get the feeling that you’re not the same complicate with the truth and the facts some I get the feeling that you just can’t stay run away just to hide the reaction no you don’t quit know what the faint and the pain in your eyes describe but no you don’t quit show that the past lost just won’t quit “I’ll help you if I can make these feelings go away I’ll help you if I can” when you can’t force love find the ones who really do love you move ahead from a life long death that you’ll never replace and I don’t want you thinking that your sons not here because he is and that’s just not true I’ll help you if I can because you’re all that you need I can promise you it’s best to leave a little pressure off your chest

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