Save Us All

by Be Like Max

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trinnie929 thumbnail
trinnie929 I can't pick a favorite because I love them all.
Elzhas thumbnail
Elzhas Ska punk, songs about acute social problems, I just can't stop listening Favorite track: At Least I'm not a Toucher.
Nostradanus thumbnail
Nostradanus Music for slam and happy days but I fuck fonzy and Co<<<; Great album full of punches Favorite track: I Disagree.
Jharp thumbnail
Jharp I love this band for many reasons/ creativity, dedication and the ability to consistently deliver live performances that are fine tuned with intoxicating flare....
This LP stands tall as an example how great bands evolve into consummate artists that seamlessly go forth along with the arrow of time...
all the tunes are arranged brilliantly..:
Gotta love the Drummer Preston, my # 1 Son... lol 😎 Favorite track: King of the House.
Michael Reiersgaard
Michael Reiersgaard thumbnail
Michael Reiersgaard Every song makes you want to get up and skank! The horn lines are incredible and the energy is irresistible. Favorite track: Fuck the News.
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ten years of my life working this restaurant breaking my hips, my knees and I’m balding same drive everyday break the monotony take another holiday pick up a hobby if a slave to a job is all that I can be this is everything you hate, yet nothing you can leave for the rent to be on time I have to get paid we can rise up together, yet still be ashamed too stubborn to quit always been working straight out of high school moved out of moms house right into the grind joined up the workforce just another workhorse so I can rock and roll this dead end job ain’t nowhere to go unless I sell my soul to join upper management nah I think I’ll stay I got my benefits thanks to my union Fuck Donald Trump
probably I should read more now that I’m thirty try and act like an adult sometimes but I sleep too late cause it’s hard to get out of bed these days I hardly do charity work I’ve never gone vegan I’m sometimes a jerk my lady gets pissed when I drink and drive I’m no role model, but at least I’m not like Cosby what a piece of fucking shit he honestly should be ass raped while in prison so he no longer sticks his dick in some passed out chick in bed I’ve got some hemorrhoids cause I eat like shit broken some windows when I’ve gotten pissed sometimes I’m told I argue too much well fuck it I’m stubborn and you fucking suck I’ve no idea what my future holds my plans are a blur my bands getting old I’ve got no career I’ve got no degree I’m losing my mind but at least I’m not like Weinstein what a sick fucking asshole using his position of power and money holding over the heads of vulnerable girls too weak to fight him back I’m certain going on behind those curtains is a man of power lurking and it makes me sad cause I don’t understand how some people have to be so fucking worthless like they just can’t fight these urges and they don’t know what respect is at least I’m not like them
elitist punks so stuck up tell me how did you get so good at telling every other band they suck no one around the town wants to hear your insight you only ever talk shit every time nobody in the club wants to watch you pick fights act like your opinions always right oh my God make way for Kings and Queens who set the trends of negative bullshit no one needs don’t police the scene we always thought the power was in the music not the parasites to good to enjoy it all these so called experts who analyze it like they know what’s best for you and I you think kids around you are inferior at best and now nobody knows your name you’re just another putz
one of these days you’re gonna leave I hate to face it though I need you here with me you’re getting old harder to stand I know one day you’ll forget who I am can’t it just be simple and sweet like you always have been to me sometimes I get nervous and stressed but you can calm me down and snuggle up on my chest when you were young filled up with life you’d run around and keep me up all night middle of days falling asleep then pick a fight with the birds and the trees nothing is wrong everything’s fine when I’m at home and you’re here by my side we can relax I am relieved you make it simple as life should be
I get the impression we’re rats on a wheel the cheddar we’re chasing is never fulfilled but still we obey just to survive sweat from the pawns keeps a system alive Oh Oh no wonder the king wants his people to beg and to plead Oh Oh they need him to please show um mercy and tell them they’re free our only weakness is hate when we unite better policy is made manipulate a crowd money will be made doesn’t trickle down never disagree and do everything they say the machine keeps running when it breaks down we learn nothing
Dreams 00:50
I used to want to live on a big bright stage where the crowd would sing and know my name while after the show maybe we'd get paid to drink ourselves to sleep no I wanna stay where I can't be seen and I won't be the center of anything left alone I won't leave home for weeks and weeks and weeks my dreams have changed for the better at least it's better for me my goals were forgot and left outside to rot my pain is going away I used to sing to a mirror with a broomstick guitar and a golden heart thinking one day I could change the world like all the other greats but slowly I have lost my mind I'm medicated all the time perception of reality feels weak and weak and weak
do you watch the news yeah do you watch the news well now I got some news it's a fucking ruse they want to put some fear into our woken ears and now it's very clear that there's some bullshit here fuck the news and everything (yeah) that they say fuck the news I'll research it my own way fuck the news I will never obey fuck the news fuck out of my way fuck Fox News and screw CNN they make you pick a side but please be very wise that they're all same this ain't a fucking game don't act like we're a fool we're not your fucking tool
Give It Up 01:44
just give it up why do you need a gun that’s automatic it’s not so you can hunt you’re still a pussy though now you think you’re tough I hope you turn it in and learn to man up don’t trust your government no sweat they’ll use you anyway systematic schemes keep running fueled by loyalty our economy is bought and paid for by big corps complex industries throughout this world are run by (whores) you’re feeling sick why don’t you see a nurse just make it quick they have it all rehearsed no matter what you need no matter how you feel they want the cash so they can push a pill our boys in blue they need to step it up serve and protect or just a racist cop too quick to power trip too quick to end a life it’s in your heritage you don’t like culture shock
Doomsday 02:15
in bright blue skies feathered spectres fly hear the people cry it makes you wonder see them running too and fro cringe from a distant thunder big ships on the horizon today militia putting pressure rebel don’t wanna go six o’clock curfew shoved on you the smell of police outside your door they’re rationing food to the poor to the poor now life grows dark hope ya find no spark shop close up traffic break curfew head buss up rebel dem drop the fighting it stops things back to normal tell me who’s fooling whom
I Disagree 02:00
bring it all back to the gritty road where we belong one day I’m gonna find out for myself I know it if all this hard work we put in was just for fun or is there more to show for what’s been done I hope they said this ain’t gonna be easy think you outta know no one hardly ever makes it anyway said you’re losing all your money you should go back home I disagree DIY is overrated when you’re stuck with no help playing all this making me frustrated you love it, you hate it all is worth it anyway cause one day we’ll be old and grey and look back with no regrets when we made this you can’t take it
shit the engine light is on another overnight drive in Little Mike and all the alcohol is gone I get the feeling that this tour aint paying back well fuck it all we’re going to our favorite land I know a place where the party don’t stop we can pass out and puke on the rug and it’ll be OK Denver we’re on our way a must we’ve never seen a bust a home away from home with a lot of fucking friends that we know and love this place is always rad it’s kind of nice to have another spot to feel like you’re a real band gotta reminisce and roll back the days we can tear it up with The A-OKs meet another scene where the kids have something to value punk rock hymns with PXPX all the OG's in Dendrites and Reps it’ll be OK cause Denver we’re on our way we’re heading back to our home away from home even though it’s a ways away we’re gonna drive it anyway


Our 4th full length album. More aggressive. In your face. This world is a crazy place right now. Save Us All.


released February 17, 2019

Charley Fine - Vocals
Austin Tegtmeier - Bass
Preston Harper - Drums
Christopher Powers - Guitar, Vocals
Stephen Anongthep - Trombone
Matthew Ellis - Saxophone
Javier Munoz - Trumpet
Esteban Flores - Keys

Also performing:
Erin MacKenzie - Backing Vocals on “King of the House”
David McWane - Tambourine

Recorded in the winter of 2018 at Getaway Studios, Boston, MA

Produced by David McWane of Cuidado
Engineered and Mixed by Jay Maas at Getaway Studios
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA

Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

All songs written and performed by Be Like Max except “Doomsday” (track 9), written by Brendan Tween and Invidious aka the Nubian Nightmare, originally performed by Mephiskapheles


all rights reserved



Be Like Max Las Vegas, Nevada



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