Play In The Mud

by Be Like Max

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Be Like Max's first full Length album! Took years of hard work and we are all really proud of it.


released December 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Be Like Max Las Vegas, Nevada



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Track Name: Get Over it
fuck you bitch I don’t need you throwing fits always on your way to shows pissing on who you don’t know this life’s just too fucking sweet to spend it staring at my feet and you forgot what punks about turned into a drama queen form some might when the people unite we found truth in the purity of youth you will see change once again crash the floors with your gangs unspoken wars never solving anything tear apart your music scene for the kids who love the sound making noise and screaming loud getting drunk and pushing bros taking back the best of shows what you need is an army to lead but I wont fight for something I can’t see you will see change once again hide the truth away but you can’t get over it musics gonna change crews are all insane people have a voice take back only love on the dance floor mean that when you say what you stand for we will not be pushed around try and be ruthless that’s only useless you will see change once again
Track Name: Temporary Fix
a little friend of no ones stands up tall with strength and shows them that their beautiful life means nothing I mean nothing to him but if he grows to be a few years older than he could show them what their missing in him let them fight let them throw away their useless lives you can grow taller than them taller than anyone I’ll let it be but I’m tired of seeing decent souls these days pushed further back treated like their nothing and kicked away and no one likes stuck up too good for you and too good for me to hang around their flawless picture you don’t need them to feel something bigger their putting up a wall and we’re tearing down that wall because we tried our best to fit into this made up world that’s so damn perfect but no one’s perfect so don’t try and tell me no one deserves it can you feel it can you throw it away to the trash right along with the washed up bad attitudes that people have and I’ll be glad when somebody does something good even though that karma’s bullshit and i won’t hear it the last thing we need in this world is to fear it so you can find a better person inside of you because I know I see one
Track Name: Bobby Got A Van
bobby got a van taken all that he can stand kickin out the bullshit job working for the company that never gave a shit about him walking through the trash build up with violation posters pinned on his walls drilling in a red tattoo the stapler from office space he just got with his best friend bobby’s gone crazy maybe but at least he’s getting out of this town gonna move some place any place where he can pick up his guitar and play bobby’s gone nuts they say but who are they to judge another man these days I would say bobby’s sane and we’re all nuts for living in a town that sucks piece back the parts of a later model try and make it run again as far away as possible take one trip it don’t have to end you can play your songs and you might not be back again bound home but it’s all ok cause you’ve got your friends and we’ve brought some drinks and you might pass out in a different house cause the van broke down and once again you’re stuck in town bobby’s on chains now somehow he parked is home in front of my house never quit left the lines the city lights we all still think he might bobby it’s all ok cause you still play all your songs every day and even though your van sucks ass it’s your new home and i know your gonna make it last
Track Name: Sheep
lock the sheep inside a gate let them out just for a day see how far they get away soon before they come right back inside wooo that’s where they hide one can see beyond the trees answers to reality shown up on a tv screen manufactured by the sheep inside wooo that’s where they hide there’s gotta be a purpose outside security there’s gotta be a bigger dream than the currency I’ll wait and see human beings are factory produced machines now one can speak yea one can talk doing his best to divide the flock pointing out through other sheep differences and similarities they’re still sheep look beyond the gates they see a different form of a different sheep lost their fur and lost their minds got it made but fighting all the time wooo with not much time there’s gotta be a means there’s gotta be a harmony that hit the fan through our long term plans there’s gotta be a few nice men that finished up first if we all laugh when someone smiles and we all strive to stay a while we’re not much different you and I we compromise and life’s just fine we’ve all got different goals these days but now I fear we’re trapped in gates we can’t go by our angry gut we need to love they need to learn to love
Track Name: Dick Pit
shame shame filled up the brain heard people talking now the feelings just to be the same too much scatter to concentrate the motions it’s only natural to interrupt your growth some skin bones that’s what we’re made of you can’t reach inside grab and pull my soul off I’m always being told what you see is what you get but as I try to see all I see is fake shit write off what you don’t need the need for what you want makes it too hard to calm down live your life stressed this is the peoples fault this is the peoples mess sick sick that’s how I feel I’m always pressured into feeling someone else’s will close to see what i need is a want but what i want is too hard to give up high strung dragged through the action the only part you see is partly a reaction to overcompensate the fear that I can be controlled I won’t take a pill just to force my eyes closed but i wait too long just to ease my way along I can rest relieve my chest soon fire will be gone it burned to read all the lies show smiles in disguise and to weigh our conscience in burn the new from the old don’t believe what i’m told when only words are what I’m shown try to lead with the fait by example to be great doesn’t come along on its own I gotta keep in the line that was drawn by your mind and be true to what you know stop stop burning your bridges the life that you seek aint where the fix is don’t drink from the punch just to gain the wealth cause when you loose time your hurting yourself breath breath open your mind up don’t do what your told just cause your lined up don’t fulfill the goals set by the high up don’t depreciate just so you get stuck but we’re all stuck sooner or later so you might as well be stuck with something you enjoy and for reasons you believe in dependence on the luxury of others is both honest and a burden to be dependent on anything or anyone is a burden but to take the bad with the good and understand your surroundings is self healing because no matter how deep your surroundings go we must not complicate what is simply beautiful
Track Name: Bottoms Up
loose sight when you know that it aint right age is freeing all I’m seeing who are fucked up and grown up tight this worlds got me caught and praying a lot when there’s nobody sitting there to listen on the other end I need to live and forget why might not want to drink again maybe just crawl inside until my heart caves in maybe I’ll grow up to be big and strong I’ll always be right never wrong and have a nice big house with a yard and a fence where no ones gonna fuck with me again I think I give up so bottoms up cause in the end you suck and you can go eat shit here comes my happy face again it’s true careless pleasures are all gone I’ve forgiven been forgiven but I’ve done nothing wrong so let’s all revolt and not conform to the lawyers and doctors and people who fail to ride and make this life their best might not want to go to bed maybe take a bath face down and find peace instead maybe stop living the life I love throw in the towel and I’ll give up have a nice dull job I don’t like where I’m never gonna have fun again
Track Name: Twice The Man
he said son I’m gonna sit you down and tell you how this world goes around because you only get once and I’m not as strong as you thought I was when you came up well boy he’s picking on up moving close to the shore in hopes that he’ll find happiness once more you can move your face from city to city but you will never need pity cause I’ll be here waiting for you I should say I should sing you did everything for me this I know yea pops I guess that i should say that I’ve been soft spoken till this day you don’t need the riches and you’ve got nothing to prove cause you gave everything for something you won’t loose we were only fools you worked always too hard to raise me on up right from the start to chase all big dreams be a man of respect to know what I have and don’t take it with regret you to me are the greatest man that you could be and i’ll be lucky if I have half the love that you had for me when I came up
Track Name: Hand Me A Beer
there’s more to life than working for the man and doing what you can to put food on your family’s plate there’s more to me than bringing home the bread or burning off the change inside my local bar instead there’s more to us we never make a fuss we’re also decent people just trying to do the best we can somehow in the middle of the road when status met with quo we had to find some way to fit in with the generations built up in the past they’re never gonna last so now we have to fit in with some other goals decency instilled is built from honesty a rarity in human beings but still something I strive for every day and I’ll sing along I swear to god I’ll sing along even if it’s not my song cause somewhere out there someones singing along with me here’s to life there’s all so much to thank I wouldn’t be the same unless I had good people to surround me with sanity a back bone to the family not perfect but still lucky that’s something that I realize every day there’s no excuse for giving up your dreams or living life it seems like we’re all fucking mindless zombies walking on the streets so go and grab your girl tell her that she’s the world then grab your friend some beer and won’t you sing along with me we will never give up this worlds bad enough with the bullshit and greed and the selfish well we don’t need a lot yea we’re fine with what we’ve got
Track Name: Gettin Out
go and find your love in your one last time cause it seems to great to stay awake long enough to change your mind and go back where you belong attitude is much too strong to let your fears kick you out the way and where we go we should have known it what we need we had enough but I don’t see the point in staying here and waiting just for you so they should go and find their love in their one last time cause it seems to great to stay awake long enough to well they should go and tell the world that i tried my best and i’ll be here until we they should go and give um hell there’s no sweeter sound then what i know they have to offer you not much to say for whats been see too much to say for whats been done crossed off every dream of every list I’ve ever had but one to keep it going and sing the greatest songs scratched off my soul and know that i will never forget every time we spent back on the road I’m getting out of this mess that opened up my eyes to everything that I love and showed me who my friends are said I think I need more cause now I know I need more I’m gettin out the way
Track Name: Run Around
once upon a midnight dreary I woke with something in my head I couldn’t escape the memory of a phone call and of what you said like a game show contestant with a parting gift I could not believe my eyes when I saw through the voice of a trusted friend who needs to humor me and tell me lies yea humor me and tell me lies I’d lie to and say I don’t mind as we seek so shall we find when your feeling open I’ll still be here but not without a certain degree of fear of what will be you and me and still I see things hopefully but you why you wanna give me the run around is it sure fire way to speed things up when all it does is slow me down shake me and my confidence about a great many things but I’ve been there I can see it cower like a nervous magician waiting in the wings of a bad play were the heros are right nobody thinks or expects to much hollywood’s calling for the movie rights saying hey babe let’s keep in touch but I want more than a touch I want you to reach me and show me all the things no one else can see so what you feel can be mine as well and soon if we’re lucky we’d be unable to tell what’s yours or mine the fishings fine and it doesn’t have to rhyme so don’t you feed me a line shalala bumba dear this is the pilot speaking and I’ve got some news for you it seems my ship still stands no matter what you drop there aint a whole lot you can do yea the banners been torn and the winds got colder and perhaps I’ve grown a little cynical but I know no matter what the waitress brings I will drink it in and always be full I like coffee and I like tea I’d like to be able to enter my final plea it seems I’ve got this dream that you just can’t shake I love you to the point you can no longer take well alright ok so be that we I hope and pray there’s something left to say
Track Name: I Can Be Rude
well they told me you can feel yea they said just go have fun they told me you can strive to be whatever you want they said you can play fast or slow it’s all the same just as long as you mean it just as long as you know they said that you’ve got soul yea man i really love your show it’s just a little too fast for my taste it’s just a little too slow but no it sounds great except for the beat if you know what I’m saying it’s just a little too new for me I’m just a little too old I can be rude if it’s with or without you I can be rude but I’ll take this with the truth that I can play what I wanna play yea I don’t have to hide or be ashamed cause I’ve got the best friends anyone can ask for that’s all I know and it’s the truth they said this musics dead but I never cared what they said because it’s all that I’ve ever loved and it’s the only thing that I’ve ever had but no everyones so grown up they can’t just play and give it up so go and cater to assholes who don’t care about you it’s time rise back up and fall back down again just to find that under our skin our one true love and passion to stand up for what we really believe never care what anyone thinks this is what you truly love this is all that you need I’d love to hear what you say about that way that we play cause everyone’s a music critic but everyone’s fucking fake come spit in our face don’t show us respect give me your insight don’t take a hint that I don’t need a music scene to tell me who I am
Track Name: She's Great
well if you look at her and if you talk at her and if she talks to you that’s alright but if you think about doing what I know you wanna do cause you always get the notion that you think your gonna screw and if I see you come around you know what I’ll do it’s true I’ll kick your ass and I’ll break your legs I’ll cut your dick off and make you suck it because I love her well if you call her up and just to say what’s up if you message her on facebook that’s alright if you make her grin and if you touch her skin if you hold her hand that’s alright but if you think about doing what I know you wanna do cause you always get the notion that you think your gonna screw and if I see you come around you know what I’ll do I’ll find a new home for your balls and some glue cause I don’t know who you are your not my friend your not my friends friends she’s not your girlfriend and you don’t know how much she means to me I told you go away
Track Name: Follow The Lead
this time gonna trust in no view their lies gotta catch up sometime shouldn’t have to change a thing good fortune’s all that I bring don’t let them tear right through your mind and get inside please don’t believe what they don’t know is right I’m gonna stop this time and just walk away cause I don’t need your faith to do all the right things restless fables have been keeping good men awake fighting for beliefs that no man will face and what’s important now is that we come together but we never get over what we don’t understand this time you should leave the flock for some new path that won’t have that same verbal drug that’s fed to all our mindless masses and I’m gonna stop this time please don’t believe in anything you don’t know is right all I’m asking for is a moment of silence to think for yourself this time and not the alliance of crazed motivated powerful voices yet weak minded looking for anyone to put on their list and too weak to fight it
Track Name: Your Face
a good thing once was here to stay for once we know the truth what’s left behind is hard to find not needed by the few lay down all my guards and chances for a fight I see your face either way almost every night

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